Forrest Best
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Born in Cordell Oklahoma on January 24, 1939.  To Charley and Josphine Best
Graduated from N.W. Classen in Oklahoma City
1960 - 1968
Join US Army.  Served in Korea. Honorable discharge 1968
October 23, 1963
 Married Kay Dette Sugg
Forrest & Kay welcome their oldest Daughter Tami Kay on Oct. 13.
Forrest & Kay welcome their second child, a daughter Keli Jodean Aug. 15
They welcome their only son on May 12 Sean Edward Roan
During this time my Dad was employeed for the following places.  I am unsure of the dates that he worked for each one,

TG&Y, Bassett Furniture dealer, Kib Warrens in Shawnee, Ok., Marquis Furniture in Shawnee, OK.
June? 1987
Had first massive heart attack.
On September 26 he gave away his first daughter to Chuck Tade
On June 16, he gave away his second daughter to Darin Atwell
June 1 he welcomes into the family another daughter his son has married Regina Kay Ward
During this time Dad and Mom welcome 5 grand daughters, and 1 grandson.  Also known as "Papa's Buddies"

August 4, 1992 - Stephanie LeeAnn
September 25, 1992 - Lauren Nicole
December 28, 1993 - Garreth Dow
September 20, 1995 - Meghan Elizabeth
March 15, 1996 - Kayla Jo
May 31, 1997 - Kristen Kay
In March, Dad and Mom came to Okinawa Japan to "meet" their only grandson.  He was 15 mo. old at the time.  They had not met him because he was born in Okinawa while my husband was serving in the US Air Force at Kadena AFB.  They stayed with us for a week.  Garreth was so sick that week, but they enjoyed him anyway.  Garreth said his first word the morning they were to leave.  I went into Garreth's room, and Dad was talking to him, and Garreth pointed at a picture on the wall and said "Puppy".  Dad was so proud of him, and loved to give him his "num nums" (M&M candy).  They also raided the cookie jar every morning that he was there.

Almost exactly one year after they came to visit me in Okinawa, I had their 4th grand daughter.  Due to a disease called Eclampsia, I almost didn't make it back to the states.  When I was so sick and in the ER, and ICU in the naval hosp in Okinawa, All I wanted to do was talk to my Dad.  I just wanted him to know I was ok and not to worry about me.  Everyone at the hospital including Darin had thought I lost my mind when I kept saying, "I want my Daddy".  I just wanted to talk to him on the phone, but I couldn't make anyone understand that. 
 When we came home from Okinawa on June 27, 1996.  Everyone from Darin's and my families was there at the air port to welcome us home.  We had not seen anyone in 3 years except Mom and Dad.  Everyone was very excited to "meet" their new grandson, grand daughter, neice and nephew, and cousins.  We were very glad to be home.

Passed away on April 11, 1999 at the age of 60.
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